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Ezi-Stand Square (Shopping Centre)

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Ezi-Stand Square (Shopping Centre)

Our range of Ezi-Stands are an incredibly effective freestanding branding solution for any shopping centre, and a perfect accompaniment to any exhibition stand.
Easy to assemble and transport, lightweight, complete with pillow case fabric graphic.
Available in a range of widths. Fabric cover machine washable and easily exchanged for new graphics.
Held in stock in Australia for quick turnaround. Includes quality carry bag

Please see additional information for stand sizes

Stand A
Frame Size: 612mm x 1500mm
Graphic Size: 642mm x 1560mm
Weight: 6.8 kg
Packed Size: 290mm x 1150mm x 720mm

Stand B
Frame Size: 762mm x 1500mm
Graphic Size: 800mm x 1560mm
Weight: 6.9kg
Packed Size: 290mm x 1150mm x 720mm

Stand C
Frame Size: 800mm x 1500/2280mm
Graphic Size: 840mm x 1560mm
Weight: 7.0 kg
Packed Size: 290mm x 1150mm x720mm

Stand D
Frame Size: 850mm x 1500mm
Graphic Size: 900mm x 1560mm
Weight: 7.3 kg
Packed Size: 290mm x 1150mm x 720mm

Stand E
Frame Size: 917mm x 1500/2280mm
Graphic Size: 960mm x 1560mm
Weight: 8.8 kg
Packed Size: 280mm x 100mm x 1000mm

Stand F
Frame Size: 1222mm x 1500mm
Graphic Size: 1270mm x 1560mm
Weight: 10.8 kg
Packed Size: 290mm x 100mm x 1280mm

Stand G
Frame Size: 1526mm x 1500mm
Graphic Size: 1570mm x 1560mm
Weight: 13.6 kg
Packed Size: 290mm x 110mm x 1610mm

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