Easy to assemble
Five stylish designs

Serpentine Stretch Fabric Displays:

Dare to be different

Our new Serpentine Stands are a great alternative to regular upright banners.We have a range of five different curved aluminium frame systems, allowing you to create some stunning shapes. Each stand is incredibly easy to assemble, without using any tools. Simply pull the fabric sleeve over the tubular frame until taut, zipping the sleeve together, and let your visitors enjoy your perfectly printed graphics.

To provide the most effective solution for your business, each of our serpentine fabric displays can be tailored to meet your needs. They can be embellished with your company logo, branding, slogan, or any wording you would like to be displayed.

Serpentine Stand A
Serpentine Stand A
Serpentine Stand B
Serpentine Stand C
Snake Stand D
Serpentine Stand D
Serpentine Stand E