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Large Format Digital Printing:

With over 35 years experience, we can assure you that your graphics will look fanstastic. Large format printing includes a variety of printing techniques, with our vast experience we will use the best technique availble to suit your job.
We can produce graphics at any size for any advertising or event needed.


Used for Point of Sale: Movie Promotions: Marketing: Sporting Events: Birthday Parties
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Freestanding Standee’s are available single or double sided. Feet allow them to stand double sided whilst a  strut on the back holds up those that are single sided. Great for attracting attention at any point of sale area

Lightbox Prints

Used for Point of Sale: Under Awning Signs: Outdoor Advertising: Sporting Events: Shop Signs: Retail Displays
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Backlit prints can either be printed onto backlit film, translucent self-adhesive vinyl, fabric, or flex-face PVC. Backlit prints can also be printed directly onto opal acrylic however the finished print will depend on the configuration of the lightbox


Used for: Point of Purchase: Retail Displays: Exhibition Signs: Movie Promotions: Promotional Cheques: Promotional Selfie Frames
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Foamboard is available in various thicknesses and sizes ranging from 3mm to 20mm depending on the application. These can be printed single or double sided making them great for indoor displays.

Aluminium Composite Panel

Aluminium Composite Panel "ACP" is great for long term outdoor signage
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Aluminium Composite Panel has a black plastic middle sandwiched between two aluminium skins and is great for outdoor signage, UV stable and long lasting.


Available with ropes & eyelets or pockets top & bottom or can be supplied with a hemmed edges or simply raw cut
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Banners are great for attracting attention, we can produce banners at any size in either PVC Vinyl, PVC Mesh or Polyester Fabric they can stitched welded and eyeleted what ever the situation demands

Reverse Printed Acrylic

Great for reception signage or point of sale signs
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Acrylic backed prints give that extra luxurious look to any sign making them great for reception signage or where you require a classy up market look


Builders Signs: Real Estate Signs: Fence Signs: Temporary Signs
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Corflute is a hard rigid plastic fluted board that can be printed single or double sided. Providing a tough, hardwearing and economical finish Corflute is great for short term outdoor signage such as real estate signs.

Fabric Mesh Banners

Breeze Banners: Hanging Banners: Building Fence Signage: Retail Banners
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Fabric Mesh banners are lightweight yet durable. Perfect for fence signage or hanging banners where high winds might occur.

PVC Mesh Banners

Fence Advertising: Build Wrap Signage: Hanging Banners: Wind Banners: Retail Displays
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PVC Mesh banners are more durable then the fabric version making them great for building site fence advertising or large banners. The holes in the material allow the air to easily flow through the banner.

Static Cling

Great for window display can be view from the inside or outside in printed in reverse, can be applied to any ultra smooth surface.
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Static Cling Film can be used on any smooth surface as well as for window decoration. This can be printed on the face and applied to the inside for viewing from the inside or printed in reverse onto clear and backed up with white for viewing from the outside

Self-Adhesive Stickers

Available in three different grades from 1 year to 9 year outdoor life span
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Custom Self-Adhesive Vinyl Stickers available in three different grades of vinyl UV stable and waterproof, die cut to any shape or size.
​Printed CYMK making the colour range almost infinate.

Gator Board

Great for Exhibition & shop signage hard waring doesn't dent easily, light weight.
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Gator Board or Kappa Board is similar to foamboard but rigid, tougher and more durable. It is still lightweight making it a  great alternative to foamboard and can be printed direct single or double sided.

Wallpaper Graphics

Great for window display can be view from the inside or outside in printed in reverse, can be applied to any ultra smooth surface.
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Wallpaper graphics can be printed on either textured wallpaper applied with wallpaper paste or printed onto self-adhesive vinyl. It can be applied to any wall just choose the finish you prefer.

Optically Clear Film

Can be used for widow signage inside or outside
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Optically Clear polyester film, the UV print allows the image to be translucent letting light filter through the graphic adding a different look to the traditionally printed window graphic. White can alternatively be used to enhance certain parts of the graphic or if you require white areas in the print

Window Frosting

Can be used inside or outside available in number of different styles
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Window frosting, also known as window Etch Vinyl, can be computer cut or digitally printed making it great for window displays or door safety marking. This can also be used as privacy screening in offices or within the home.


Can be for short term promotional displays, packaging, & point of purchase display racks.
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Our cardboard is eco-friendly and a cost effective solution for your custom indoor signage. Choose from a multitude of thicknesses and sizes.

One-Way Vision Film

Mainly used for bus window advertising, shop window signs, privacy screening, rear screen vehicle signs.
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One Way Vision is a printable film which has a black back with perforated holes to enable graphics to be read from the front. It is also invisible when viewed from the back and works perfectly on shop windows, car rear windscreens or transit advertising.

PVC Board

Used for exhibition displays, retail displays, shop signage, every day signs.
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Due to it’s elegant finish, PVC makes a great choice for finer prints and designs.
Choose your own custom size and enjoy your design or logo on this long lasting material.
Available in various sizes and thicknesses.

Window Graphics

Used for Widow graphics: privacy screening, can be used indoor or outdoors
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Window Graphics  are made from Self-Adhesive Vinyl printed in reverse onto clear and backed up with white making them look great on any shop window.

Canvas Prints

Used for Artist prints, office prints, home decor.
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Canvas is a great way to decorate your office or home. Choose between our Classic Canvas (mounted on a durable foam board) or our Deluxe Canvas (stretched around a wooden frame). We offer many sizes up to 1500mm wide by any length

Wall Decals

Great for office or retail decoration, Home decor such as children's bedrooms
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Self-Adhesive Vinyl Wall Decals are computer cut to any shape, logo or text and can be easily displayed. These Wall Decals can be an ideal alternative to covering the entire wall in vinyl or paper

Magnetic Signs

Used for Vehicle signs, fridge magnets, or any magnetic receptive surface.
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Car Door Magnets are a cost effective way to advertise your business as you travel around town in your business vehicles or trucks. Our durable 0.9mil thick magnetic signs are removable and include rounded corners to help prevent your sign from flying off when driving at high speeds. 0.6 is also available for fridge magnets custom cut to any shape.

Custom Posters

Used for Company posters, art work, maps, gift wrap
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Posters are an effective tool for advertising your business or even just decorating your home or office. With our high-quality, full-colour posters displayed in your store windows, you create a unique work of art that catches the eye of window shoppers and draws them inside to see more. Available in various thicknesses on either paper or synthetic polypropylene.

Point of Sale

Used for Retail displays, point of sale, packaging
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Prototype point of sale displays or short run prints, made from B-Flute E-Flute or card. Send us your design along with you cut file and we will produce a prototype making sure your long print run is correct saving you time and money.

Vehicle Signs

Fleet graphics, van signage, truck signs, race car signs.
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Vehicle signs are a cost effective way to advertise your business as you travel around town in your business vehicles or trucks. Our durable 7 year self-adhesive vinyl signs are  sure to get you notice and increase business for you.

Computer Cut Vinyl Lettering

Used for Office signs, reception signs, vehicle signage, decals plus much more
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An essential of any business, vinyl lettering is perfect for displaying store hours, contact information, company logos, and services offered. No matter if you display them on storefront windows, vehicles, or walls, lettering’s simple but bold design grabs attention of people passing by. Cut straight from your EPS file on quality, adhesive backed vinyl, our vinyl lettering decals are available in a variety of colours and at any size

Indoor Floor Graphics

Used for Supermarket promotions, shopping centre signs, office foyer signs, retail shops
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Make the most of your floors with custom floor decals. Made from durable Floor Vinyl, our floor vinyl graphics have a protective, textured laminate to protect your design from wear and tear up to one year on hard floor surfaces and 3 months on carpet surfaces. Our floor graphics vinyl works on any level surface, including tile, hardwood, and carpet. Please note: Floor Vinyl is designed for indoor use only.

Printed Wooden Signs

Used for Office signage, home decor, art prints, etc.
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Bring that special unique touch of nature into your office or home with printed wood, this wall art has a rustic and natural look which brings a clean green feeling of nature into your environment.
With a multitude of different timbers available choose the right wood that gives the best effect for your photo

Outdoor Wall & Floor Graphics

Used for Retail signage, wall art, point of sale
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Outdoor wall graphics are made of a light-weight special removable vinyl material and can be applied to any exterior surface, rough or smooth; they stick strong but are still removable. Outdoor Wall & Floor Decals can be custom die-cut to your image or logo shape. The linen-like texture molds well to any rough surface and looks seamless on your walls. Perfect for signage and promotional needs

Social Media Prints

Used for Parties birthdays fun get togethers etc
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Social sharing of photos is an effective way to build brand affinity and expand the reach of a promotion.
Our custom social media frames are branded with your logo, hashtag, and promotional message.
Great for Sales Special Events. Post-To-Win. Grand Openings. Holidays. Street Team Promos. Trade Shows.
Our social media frames are fun, look great, and encourage sharing not to mention cost effective.