Make an Impact with these Displays
Lightweight and Easy to Set up!

Impact Pop up Displays:

Make a impact

With our pop up displays, these displays come in two sizes with three different styles, choose from ethier straight or curved hard panels, or a straight fabric version, they are easy to set up and are a great choice to decorate any interior exhibition space. These pop up displays are ideal for highlighting a message, or used as a focal point at your trade or exhibition show.
Impact pop up displays can quickly and easily be set up at any exhibition of trade show hall, all of our impact displays can be quickly and easily be packed away by one person, complete with a sturdy hard plastic case which will fit easily into the back any car.
The printed graphic makes it possible to add branding and communicate your message available single or double sided.
Curved Panel Pop up Display
Straight Panel Pop up Display
Portable Fabric Display
Straight Fabric Pop up Display
Portable Banner Sand
Impact Banner Display