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Flags are a great way of catching the attention of passing potential clients.  At Display Graphics, we make a large range of promotional flags.  Australia-wide delivery means you can select from any colour, shape or size flags with numerous base options and have them delivered conveniently to your door.

Our durable, lightweight flags suit any occasion for any business, organisation or sporting club. You may wish to embellish your flags with your logo, a promotional phrase or bespoke design of your choice.  This can adorn the flag with some transparency or you may wish to have different graphics printed on both sides.
The range available includes:

Feather Flags  – These popular flags are digitally printed with environmentally-friendly, fade-free water-based inks on knitted polyester material.  Sown and finished in Australia, they include strong aluminium hardware to keep them sturdy.

Teardrop Flags  – Just like feather flags, these are shaped like a droplet and include CE-Certified epoxy fibreglass as well as the aluminium hardware.

Portrait Flags – As the name implies, these are rectangular flags with a ‘portrait’ (rather than ‘landscape’) orientation.  They are also made from high quality polyester fabric which withstands wear and tear from the wind.

Giant Flags  – Exactly as the name implies, these extra-sized flags literally fly the flag for your business or organisation and can be seen from far and wide.

Average Joe Flags  – These so-called ‘Average Joe’ flags come fully digitally printed and mounted on a collapsible flag pole for easy assembly and transport.

Portrait Backpack Flags  – Ideal for use at high traffic areas such as sporting events or outdoor malls, the portrait backpack flags are attached to a backpack for easy on-the-go promotion of your business.

Teardrop Backpack Flags  – The ultimate convenient portable teardrop flags.  These versions can easily promote your business, organisation or message in crowdy areas while being securely attached to a backpack.  Wear them with confidence.

Custom Flags  – While the most requested size of a flag is 1800 by 900 millimetres, we can cater to any size of flag especially for you.  Ask us about pricing for the bespoke-sized custom flags by emailing

Golf Pin Flags  – Mark the entire golf course with a set of 9 or 18 pin branded golf flags to keep your business or organisation prominent throughout the entire golf tournament.
Custom Bunting  – A nod to the vintage nostalgia of the past, the ever-popular bunting flags are a great way to keep your message, logo or event name prominent.  Printed on UV-resistant PVC vinyl which keeps its colours even with prolonged sun exposure.
You may choose to have them set up permanently, such as at the entrance to your shop, or use them for specific events such as sales, special promotions or sports games.  Flags are produced in only seven to eight working days from the time of ordering and are express delivered to you anywhere within Australia.
Just call our helpful team if you would like assistance with making your decision.  We are available during business hours on 1300 549 207.  Or place an order at any time on our convenient online store where you can also upload your required artwork.
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