Silicon Edged Graphics
Great for displaying your message
Great for illuminated graphics
Light weight and easy to install

Fabric Tension Frames:

These Fabric Tension Frames are all high quality aluminium display systems, which uses stretched fabric graphics to create a high impact and seamless visual. The aluminium frames are made from a high quality construction and custom printed display fabric graphic stretches across the framework and slots into position using the silicon edged beading on the fabric and a specially developed channel on the frame.
It couldn’t be easier to put your display together.
The tension fabric system allows the simple fitting and removal of fabric graphics. The frames can be broken down to allow for easy transportation and the fabric graphics can be simply folded up like a sheet for storing or transporting.
You don’t need to concern yourself with creases or scratches in your graphics, they are extremely robust and any creases simply stretch out flat the next time you use them.
They are available wall mounted, hanging or free standing, the graphics can either be single or double sided illuminated or non-illuminated the choice is your.
Although well sell some standard sizes they can also be bespoke and made to any size
Tension Fabric Frame
Domino Display Stand
Apex Fabric Tension Frame
Apex Fabric Tension Lightbox
Matrix Fabric Frames
Matrix Fabric Frames & Lightboxes
SEG Fabric Frames