Simply slide the fabric graphic over the aluminium frame
4 styles, 2 heights, and 6 widths to choose from

Ezi-Stands – Australia:

Some of the most recognised types of portable signage are the ever-popular Ezi-Stands “Often referred to EZ Tube Banner Stands:
Australian businesses and other organisations have used these as an impactful, economical way of promote their brands, products, services, sporting teams, community announcements, charities and other messages.

At Display Graphics, we provide a wide selection of quality Ezi-Stands to suit all budgets. You can rely on our stands time and time again, and we offer some of the best prices in Australia. The Ezi-Stand range are easy to transport and set up, coming in convenient carry bags which also serve as storage to keep them dust-free and scuff-free in between uses.

Ezi-Stand Standard – these top-of-the-range stands have a sturdy metal base plate, sleek re-usable aluminium frame with rounded corners that assembles in minutes, available in a range of widths and features a high definition full-colour fabric digital print single or double sided and comes complete with its own quality carry bag.

Ezi-Stand Square – the square version comes with square corners instead round corners like the ever popular Standard series, these are available in seven widths and display powerful high-resolution digitally printed images for even greater impact comes complete with a quality carry bag.

Ezi-Stand Inlay – these are similar to our standard version but here you have the choice of displaying your graphic stretched over the frame the same as the standard version or alternatively the graphic can be suspended in the middle of the frame giving this display a unique look, available in several widths and also comes with a quality carry bag.

Ezi-Stand Feet – are a great alternative to the Standard, Square or Inlay range, with the same aluminium frame as the other Ezi-Stands but comes with aluminium feet rather than a metal base plate making it light and easy to assemble.

Ezi-Stand Budget – Choose from square or round corners, this budget range is smaller at 2m high and only comes in two widths 850mm or 1200mm and is also available at 1500mm high (shopping centre height) and has a thinner gauge aluminium tubular frame than our standard range of Ezi-Stands but still are an incredibly effective freestanding branding solution, a perfect accompaniment to any exhibition stand. Comes with a quality carry bag.

All for our Ezi-Stands are easy to assemble and transport, complete with pillow case fabric graphics.
Available in a range of widths.
The printed fabric cover is machine washable and easily exchanged for new graphics
Held in stock in Australia for quick turnaround.

All of these stands are often used indoors for temporary retail sales and promotions at any exhibition or trade show or retail store.

Turn Around Times- Production time takes only approximately 5-10 working days and we deliver Australia-wide via express overnight shipping.

Remember that we are always on hand to answer any questions you may have to supplement our convenient online service. We offer some of the lowest prices available in Australia for high quality products and can offer yet better bulk discounts for larger orders.
Contact us on 1300 549 207 to find out more.

Ezi-Stand Standard
Ez banner Stand
Ezi-Stand Square
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Ezi-Stand Inlay
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Ezi Stand with Shelf
Fabric Display Stand with Supporting Shelf
Ezi Stand Standard Shopping Centre
Ezi-Stand Standard (Shopping Centre)
Ezi-Stand Square (Shopping Centre)
Ezi-Stand Feet (Shopping Centre)
Ezi-Stand Inlay (Shopping Centre)