Stand out from the crowd
Literary with these extra large stands

Column Fabric Displays:

Be Seen from a far

Our columns fabric displays are impressive towers that are easy to arrange and decorate interior exhibition spaces. Available in various shapes with impressive heights, these columns are ideal for highlighting a message, used as a focal point and as a signboard or for modular stand decoration.

Display Graphics columns can easily be built in any exhibition of trade show hall, and all of our column display stands can easily be packed away by one or two people and easily fits it into the back any car.

The printed fabric graphic makes it possible to add branding and communicate your message on all four sides of the column.

EZ Tube Banner Column Stand
Column Stand (A)
Column Stand (B)
Expo Fabric Display Column
Column Stand (C)
Trade Show Fabric Stand
Column Stand (D)
Exhibition Fabric Stand
Column Stand (E)
Trade Show Circular Stand
Column Stand (F)
Portable Display Stand
Column Stand (G)
Fabric Column Stand
Column Stand (H)