Draw customers to your coffee shop or restaurant
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Three Distinct Styles

Cafe Barrier Branding:

Café banners, also known as café windbreaks, are a tried and trusted way of separating eating areas in a café, restaurant, pub, bar, nightclub, shop or other establishment, helping to shelter your customers from the wind. They can also be used to help people queue correctly, making sure they follow the designated route to your entrance.

As well as being functional, these café banners also provide additional branding opportunities due to the custom-printed banner attached to the railings. These systems come with heavy-duty waterproof PVC or printed mesh for windy areas. Depending on the material chosen, you can have a single or double-sided banner.

These café barriers come in a selection of widths, with pre-made kits available. Once purchased, you can add additional posts and banners to change the length and configuration of your barrier system.

They are also easy to assemble and put away at the end of a work day; simply open the clip-in attachment on the upper cross rails and remove the printed banner.

Our café banners last for long periods outdoors as the poles are made from stainless steel, meaning they will not corrode in rain and other harsh weather conditions. They have weighted bases to anchor them in windy conditions.

The banners are produced on high-definition large-format printers, ensuring excellent clarity of image along with bright and vivid colours. For your graphics, you can supply print-ready artwork or opt for our design service, where our team of design experts can create eye-catching graphics for you

To provide the most effective solution for your business, each of our outdoor/indoor cafe barriers can be tailored to meet your needs. They can be embellished with your company logo, branding, slogan, or any wording you would like to be displayed.

Cafe barrier Americano
Americano Cafe Barrier
Mocha Cafe Barrier
Mocha Cafe Barrier
Latte cafe Barrier
Latte Cafe Barrier
Fabtube cafe Barrier
Fabtube Cafe Barrier
Cafe barrier posts
Cafe & Crowd Barrier Posts
Cafe Barrier Rope hook
Wall Hook for Cafe Barrier Rope
Cafe rope
Braided Rope (Chrome Clips) 1.5m
Cafe Rope
Braided Rope (Brass Clips) 2m
Velvet Rope (Chrome Clips) 1.5m
cafe barrier rope
Velvet Rope (Brass Clips)1.5m
Sign Holder
Top sign Holder Chrome (Landscape)
Brass A4 Post Sign Holder
Top Sign Holder Chrome (Portrait)
Barrier Post Rope Holder
Rope Post Sign Holders (Portrait)