Take alook at some of our pre-designed 3x3m custom fabric display booths
All of these booths pack away to fit into any car boot
Can easily be built by one or two people

3×3 Self-Build Exhibition Booth Solutions:

Exhibition Booth Solutions series, here we have made it simple for you at your next trade show simply choose any of the combinations below, all of these displays are made from our standard range of fabric frames and add-ons, they easily combine to produce some really unique designs and any of these stands will fit easily into any 3×3, 6×3 or 6×6 booth found at any trade show or exhibition. Instead of the usal standard display why not stand out from the crowd with these unique stands..

Booth 108-C4A2
Booth 102-C5A4
Booth 001
Booth 007
Exhibition Booth
Booth 008
Expo Booth 5
Booth 009
Booth 010
Expo Self Build Stand
Booth 011
Exhibition Self Build Stands
Booth 012
Expo Self Build Stand
Booth 013
Fabric Display Stand
Booth 014
Exhibition Fabric Booth
Booth 015
Expo Booth 051
Booth 051
Fabric Self Build Stand
Booth 052
Booth 053
Expo Fabric Booth 91
Booth 091
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